The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is in hot water again!

No, not for a lack of diversity or overt liberalism, but for the categories being too… um… Oscar-y.

Best Lead Actress? Yawn. Best Editing? Snore. Best Original Screenplay? Who fucking cares!

Those trite, sleep-inducing categories are the real issues the Oscars need to focus on in order to improve this year’s show.

And thankfully, Twitter already has some award-worthy suggestions to make the ceremony more agreeable with today’s audience.

After all, most moviegoers can relate to categories like "Best Lady Bros," "Most Meme-able Motion Picture," and "Best Misleadingly Awesome Trailer." (Looking at you, Suicide Squad…)

Hopefully, the Academy seriously takes note — we really don’t want #OscarsSoNotReflectiveOfSocialMediaNeeds to start trending.

See the best suggestions (below)!

Best Use of a poster in a movie #OscarsWeNeed
— Jessica Carberry (@Jessberrie) February 20, 2017

#OscarsWeNeed Best trailer to trick the audience into believing that the film won’t be half-bad, even though it totally sucks.
— Rahul Poonja (@RahulPoonja) February 20, 2017

#OscarsWeNeed Outstanding background extra
— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) February 20, 2017

Most Meme-able Motion Picture#OscarsWeNeed
— ChristineWatchaWant (@googlygirl98) February 20, 2017

Best Lady Bros. Eye on you TF and AP.#OscarsWeNeed#TinaFey #AmyPoehler
— Brett FISH Anderson (@BrettFishA) February 20, 2017

#OscarsWeNeed : Worst Marksmanship By A Bad Guy (they never hit anything).
— Squirrel (@Squirrel3218) February 20, 2017

Best manipulation of empty cup to make us believe its full of hot coffee #OscarsWeNeed
— Kenneth Reading (@KennethReading) February 20, 2017

#OscarsWeNeed Best portrayal of a teenager by someone who’s actually in their mid 30s
— Derek Griffin (@Yorkdel) February 20, 2017

#OscarsWeNeed Worst use of diverse casting in a feature film
— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) February 20, 2017

What are YOUR suggestions for some #OscarsWeNeed?