WWE is planning for Roman Reigns to feud with Kevin Owens in a champion vs. champion feud pitting the United States Champion against the Universal Champion.

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According to a report from F4WOnline.com (h/t WrestlingInc), Raw’s top two singles champion are expected to feud heading into next month’s brand-exclusive Roadblock pay-per-view:

WWE officials are currently looking at doing a champion vs. champion program with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns, according to F4Wonline.com. Plans can always change but the idea is to do the feud in December, perhaps for the December 18th Roadblock pay-per-view from Pittsburgh.

On paper, a feud between Raw’s only current singles titleholders sounds like a wonderful idea, but the reality is that it will simply back WWE creative into a corner yet again.

The feud between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar is reportedly causing headaches for Vince McMahon. Why? Because it’s the definition of a booker’s nightmare. If Goldberg is going to wrestle for WWE again, he shouldn’t lose. But with Lesnar being booked as an unstoppable monster and the company’s biggest draw over the last few years, he shouldn’t lose, either.

Unsurprisingly, this has put the creative team in quite the pickle, which is exactly what a champion vs. champion feud between Owens and Reigns would do.

We’ve seen during Owens’ feud with Seth Rollins that the creative team is terrified of putting Owens over clean due to fear that it will hurt Rollins. This has virtually destroyed Owens’ credibility as champion while also hurting the quality of what should have been a really good championship rivalry with Rollins.

If WWE is afraid to have Owens defeat Rollins on his own, we all know that creative will protect Reigns, the company’s golden boy, even more so than Rollins. As a result, Reigns vs. Owens would be nothing more than another feud that makes Owens looks weak and features far too many shenanigans in order to avoid having either guy lose.

It’s the old “50/50 booking” philosophy that has turned WWE into a farce these days, with nearly every superstar who loses a big match ending up getting the win back anyway. This happens to be a big reason why WWE is failing to create new stars, relying instead on names like Lesnar and Goldberg to pack Raw’s star power punch.

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And if Raw’s top two champions feud, what is the rest of the roster supposed to do?

WWE has struggled mightily to book singles feuds, especially when they don’t involve a title, so pitting the US Champion vs. the Universal Champion will force the already depleted Raw roster to find a way for its other upper midcard and main event level stars to do something meaningful without a title on the line.

If Reigns is feuding with Owens in a dual-title feud, what will Rollins do? Where does that leave Rusev? Will Chris Jericho overshadow Owens in that rivalry as well?

These are questions WWE will want to consider when thinking about the possibility of a champion vs. champion rivalry between Owens and Rollins, which could have a negative domino effect that leaves the remainder of the roster without anything meaningful to do.

Just ask Sami Zayn or Neville how that would work out for anyone WWE management hasn’t labeled one of Raw’s top stars.

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